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Voice of Unity

Gospel-Workshop im Neumatt

Drei talentierte Gospel-Musiker besuchten die Oberstufe
On 14th March a family from New Jersey came to us to teach us how to sing. It wasn’t just normal singing, it was an art of singing which is used in American churches to praise to god, also known as Gospel.

All three of them are from New Jersey, USA. The gospel- and jazzpianist Michael Crews is a composer and choirleader and has a nice group of about 50 people in New Jersey. His wife Carmenda Crews is singing in several different choirs and also did a gospeltour with famous artists. She has got two children with her husband Michael. The third member of the group is Floyd T. Myre. He’s a Bishop in music and has a well known gospelchoir. With them he has recorded serveral live-CDs.

The groove of the music and the demonstration in singing moved us to the point of liking it. They taught us some interesting songs via powerpointpresentation and after a while we all stood up and started singing, we clapped our hands and had fun.
After singing «Believe in me», «Chasing after you» and Michael Jackson’s «We are the World» they gave us the opportunity to ask them some questions. The students of our school gave them plenty of questions and all were  answered by them. After one hour of intensive voice acrobatics we had to go back to our classrooms, while Michael Crews, Carmenda Crews and Floyd T. Myre were leading us back with the song «O happy Day».
To sum up with, the trio said to some of us: «We think… no no, we are sure, we’re coming back! ’Cause you made a great job!»
Sebastian and Giacomo, 3a.


The English class 2b wrote a short review about the gospel workshop:

Three people from the Gospel Workshop came from America to Dulliken.
We were singin with the Gospel people, it was very cool.
Mr.Müller was lacky, because we are the best school to sing Gospel songs.

Pausenhalle Neumatt

They three people were very easy and funny. They can sing very good.
They three people looks younger than they are.



The Gospel-Workshop was good! The poeple were very nice! The Woman was very funny!

There were three black people, two men and one women. One men was very good at singing. I think the women is very funny when she smiles. We sang a few songs. I asked questions too. I was very sad because they were finished. Then we had French…

The three people can sing very good. They came from Amerika. The youngest of the three was the best singer. All of them write songs. And we sang some of it together. The people were very funny.

There were three black people. They sang Gospel wich is a kind of church music. It was very good and the whole school was singing.

The songs were very, very good and I'd like it. The youngest man had a very good voice. And these people took photos of us. Mr. Baschung forgot to change the lyrics on the screen while other people was singing.

There where three black people here. It was very funny. They made music. The man on the piano played very well. They took also some photos.

I think the Gospel-Workshop was nice. I had very fun and a very good time, too. The man with the blue shirt has a very good voice.

This three people were very nice. They sang a few songs with us. Later we got answers to our questions. We became the best "joiner class" so far. It was funny. This man in the yellow pullover had a cool voice.

There were three people from U.S.A and we sang with them. There were two men and one woman. One of the two men is a very good piano player.

The first tought, that I had was; Oh my god, famous people from USA come to Dulliken to teach us. A man could sing very well.
The woman's laugh was very cute, I think. To sing with them was very cute, I think. I was a little sad, when they were going.

The gospel Workshop yesterday was very funny. Three black people came here. They made music with us and then we ask them questions. One man played the piano and the other two were singing.

The songs were nice. The youngest man has written a song. One of the men plays the piano very well. It was very funny.

Mädchen und Knaben für einmal getrennt


One of the songs:

Chasing After You!
Im Chasing After You
No Matter What I Have To Do
Cause I Need You More And More


More And More
More And More
More And More
More And More

I’m Chasing After You
I’m Praiseing My Way Through
Just To Be Closer To You
I’m Chasing After You

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